Our Four Monochrome Palettes

Published by Notoriously Morbid on 7th May 2024

Our four monochrome palettes—Gold Dust Woman, Madam Violet, Bog Witch, and Paint the Town Red—are curated with passion and precision. 

1. Gold Dust Woman Palette

Step into a world of shimmering golds, sultry khakis, warm ochres, and rich browns with the Gold Dust Woman Palette. This collection of shadows redefines your beauty game, infusing every look with a touch of elegance and a hint of seduction.

Features That Dazzle:

  • Versatile Range: With nine captivating eyeshadows, the Gold Dust Woman Palette offers a versatile range of shades for both day and night.
  • Universally Flattering: Complementing all skin tones, these shades enhance your natural beauty, making it a must-have for every complexion.
  • On-the-Go Glam: Sleek and compact, this palette fits seamlessly into your makeup bag for effortless touch-ups wherever you go.

2. Madam Violet Palette

Inspired by the captivating tale of Madam Violet's vampire hive, the Madam Violet Palette invites you to immerse yourself in a world of deep, enigmatic purples and hauntingly beautiful pinks. Each shade boasts exceptional pigmentation and longevity, allowing you to craft mesmerizing and eerie looks with ease.

Features That Mesmerize:

  • Supernatural Shades: From deep, mysterious purples to hauntingly beautiful pinks, this palette captures the essence of the supernatural world.
  • Exceptional Pigmentation: Handcrafted and pressed in-house, these shadows deliver intense color payoff and long-lasting wear.
  • Eerie Elegance: Whether you're a fervent aficionado of supernatural narratives or simply seeking to infuse your makeup routine with a touch of darkness, this palette is an absolute essential.

3. Bog Witch Palette

Transport yourself to the enchanting allure of the swamp with the Bog Witch Palette. This spellbinding collection offers a rich array of swampy greens and boggy browns, allowing you to create stunning, earthy looks that capture the mysterious and ethereal essence of the bog.

Features That Captivate:

  • Mystical Shades: Dive into murky moss greens and earthy browns that evoke the tranquility of the marsh.
  • Buttery Texture: Meticulously crafted with a buttery texture, these shadows ensure effortless application and buildable intensity.
  • Sultry Allure: Whether you're channeling the elegant allure of a woodland nymph or embracing the untamed beauty of a bog witch, this palette will become your trusty companion in the ethereal world of damp greens and murky browns.

4. Paint the Town Red Palette

With a vampire-inspired twist, the Paint the Town Red Palette features a mesmerizing array of varying red tones, complemented by enchanting purples and glistening golds. Indulge in the richness of crimson shades and immerse yourself in the velvety depths of vampiric allure.

Features That Entrance:

  • Seductive Shades: From deep crimson to mysterious plum, these shades pay homage to the seductive and immortal allure of vampires.
  • Velvety Texture: Immerse yourself in the velvety depths of these shadows, crafted for seamless application and captivating intensity.
  • Eternal Glamour: Whether you're attending a masquerade ball or simply unleashing your inner enchantress, let this palette be your guide in creating ethereal and alluring eyeshadow looks that are simply to die for.

Final Thoughts: Unlock the Magic of Monochrome

Our collection of monochrome palettes, beauty knows no bounds. Whether you’re drawn to Gold Dust Woman, the supernatural of Madam Violet, the  depths of Bog Witch, or the seductive of Paint the Town Red, each palette offers a unique journey into the world of monochrome beauty. Dare to explore, dare to embrace, and let your beauty shine with the timeless elegance of Notoriously Morbid’s monochrome palettes.

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