The Winchester Gospels

The Winchesters. 
Two brothers who've been to Hell and back, literally. Their story pulls you in like very few things on television right now. In the episode "The Monster at the End of This Book", Castiel tells Dean that their story will come to be known as "The Winchester Gospels."

That line struck me. When I think of gospels, I think of music. The music in Supernatural is as deeply woven into the story line as the Impala or the monster they're fighting that day. That's why we decided to pick a song for the characters we especially love, one that we feel tells a lot about who they are, their own personal gospel.

Each color was created with more in mind than just the tones of the show. We thought about the characters and who we see them as. We hope you enjoy our take on The Winchesters & Co.

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