Where does my order come from?

West Virginia, in the heart of the dark Appalachian mountains.

What are the sizes of the eyeshadows?

We fill shadows by volume, on the website we did have approximates but it has come to our attention that this causes some confusion especially when different ingredients weigh different amounts. 

Our Mini's are 1/4 tsp

Our Full's are 1/2 tsp

Our Deluxe's are 1 tsp

Our mini shadows currently are a 3g jar with a false bottom (meaning the bottom of the jar actually sits closer to the top, as pictured below).

Our full shadows currently are in a 5g jar, pictured below.

Our deluxe's are currently in a 10g jar with a sifter, pictured below.


What is your return policy?

We do our best to keep our customers satisfied with their orders. If you were sent the wrong product or receive a damaged product, we will be happy to correct the issue, within 15 days of receiving your order. We do ask for photographs of the error/damage. Due to the nature of our handmade products, we do not accept exchanges or returns. If you are unfamiliar with loose pigments, new to indie, or have never purchased from us, we suggest placing a small order first to ensure that you are comfortable with your purchase. New customers who place an order over $75 with us will be contacted before the order is accepted and filled.

My package was marked delivered but It isn't here! What do I do?
If your package was marked delivered but can not be located at your residence or at a neighbors, please contact your local post office to obtain assistance in locating where your postal person delivered the package. Your local post office can give you the GPS coordinates to where the package was when it was marked "delivered". We are not responsible for packages that has been marked delivered by USPS. We can help but please reach out to your local post office first and then send us an email. Packages that can not be recovered or are officially stolen (with police report filed) will be resent if shipping insurance was purchased or refunded if shipping insurance was purchased and the items can not be resent.

What if I am missing an item from my order?
Please notify us within 15 days of your order being received or marked delivered that you have a missing item. Please include a picture of your complete signed invoice.

What if I received a damaged product?
If you receive a damaged product in the mail, we will happily send you a replacement or apply a credit on your account for that product. If this happens twice, we will offer a credit only to your account for the price you paid for that product (IE if you paid a discounted price, we will credit for that price and not the full price of that product). Pictures of the damaged product must be submitted before replacement or refund.

Do you accept orders outside of the US?
Notoriously Morbid does ship internationally!

How long will it take to receive my order?
Our current turn around time (TAT) is 15 to 20 business days. Business days exclude weekends (Sat and Sun) and postal holidays.TAT starts the next business day after your order is placed. Once shipped, most domestic orders take anywhere from 2 to 10 business days to arrive depending on the efficiency of your local postal service. International shipping delivery times may vary between 2 and 12 weeks. TAT does not include postal transit times.

Are these products safe?
All of our products are made in a sterile and safe work environment for your safety and ours. All instruments are sterilized and safety precautions are used in the making of each item. Ingredients are listed on the website and on each full size jar, or can be provided via email.

Can I use these pigments for other things?
Each handcrafted shadow will display on its webpage and on the label if it is lip, face, or eye safe. Please refer to the ingredients label for this information or visit the webpage for details on all of its uses.

What does TAT mean?
When you see the abbreviation of "TAT" this means Turn Around Time. This is the time frame of when you place your order to when it is processed and shipped.  TAT does not include postal transit times. TAT is a general rule of thumb of when to expect your order to process. If we experience a high volume of orders, TAT will be affected.

Can I cancel my order after I have placed it?
Yes, email to process this request. However, after 3 days of the order being placed, a 25% restocking fee will be effective on a cancelled order. Effective Oct 15, 2019.

What is the difference between requesting a sifter and not requesting one?
Each full size jar of product has the available option of including a sifter. A sifter sits inside the jar and allows only a little bit of product to be used at once. This is a handy tool to have to prevent unnecessary spillage of product. Our jars do not come with sifters UNLESS it is requested. Please be advised that jars with sifters cannot contain as much product as those without.

What makes your products unique?
We hand blend each color to create a unique color. We do not repackage pigments that are not our own creations. Unless designated as "random," we normally have a theme for each product from something (book, movie, music, television series) that has inspired us. Due to the nature of handmade products, some batches of product may vary slightly. If you feel that what you have received is a significant variation, please contact us.

Why does this product look different on me than swatches I see online?
There are many reasons a color may appear different. When we post a swatch on the site, we strive to capture the product as true to color as possible. We swatch all shadows over a primer, as we recommend using a primer to showcase the complexity of our shadows. Here are some possible reasons for variation misconceptions.

1. Skin tone. Almost all products are swatched on a fair skin tone, so naturally varying skin tones may change the look of a product.
2. Bases. Some shadows, especially mattes, will not perform well over a sticky base. Cream bases work best for mattes, while sticky bases are great for picking up shimmer and sparkle. Keep in mind that some shadows will darken over sticky bases as well.
3. Lighting. All swatches are photographed using natural light bulb lighting unless otherwise noted.
4. Viewing monitor. Color settings and capabilities can vary from computer to computer, as well as other device screens, such as phones and tablets. 
5. Application. We swatch shadows with a flat shader brush over the base in a patting motion. 
6. Lip pigmentation can affect the tone and deepness of a lip product. Your undertone can also cause colors to pull differently.

My Account Is Missing?
Inactive accounts are deleted after 18 months of inactivity. 

GWP items
I received an item that states "GWP" what does that mean?

Gift With Purchase or "GWP" is an item we have created for orders going out. They are not guaranteed items and are typically made up of ingredients that have been discontinued from our suppliers or ingredients that we no longer plan to carry. Sometimes our GWP item is created from a batch that the ratios were off or the recipe was erroneously made. Sometimes the GWP, even though it shares the same name because the ingredients are the same, may look different because of an ingredient included in it and therefore it becomes a GWP. All GWP are free of charge and are included in orders when possible as our way of saying thank you. 

Coupon Code Policy

Can coupon codes be applied to my subscription?

Since subscriptions are already discounted, discounts cannot be applied. 

How do I use my coupon?
To redeem a coupon code, enter the coupon code during the checkout process. Only one coupon can be used per purchase.

I forgot to use my coupon with my purchase.
Coupons can't be applied after the purchase is complete. If you forgot to use your coupon code, please use the coupon code on your next order.

Can I use more than one coupon at a time?
No. You can only redeem one coupon at a time. Usage is also subject to the terms and conditions of the coupon whether they be explicit or implicit. 

Can I use an expired coupon?
Expired coupons can't be used. Each coupon code has an expiration date, if omitted, coupons expire the day before Black Friday of the year they were issued. If you are having issues with a coupon, please contact customer service.

Are Your Ingredients Ethically Sourced? 

Our raw ingredients are purchased from reputable ethical suppliers. Before I purchase from a supplier, I do research that they are ethical by either searching for a statement from them or reaching out to them directly. We do not use suppliers who participate in or promote child labor or in some cases, animal cruelty.

Are you cruelty free?
We are 100% cruelty free, we do not test on animals or work with ingredient from suppliers who test on animals.

The item I ordered is now showing out of stock on the website, will I still receive my item
This happens when a customer has purchased the last of the stock we have of a particular item. As merchandise orders come in, we work to make sure we get the items pulled and ready to place in your order. You will still receive your item!