SOTW: Spring Canvas Gallery Wraps

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Awaken the Spirit of Spring with Notoriously Morbid Canvas Gallery Wraps!

As nature explodes in a symphony of blossoms and sunshine, invite the magic of spring into your home with the Notoriously Morbid Season of the Witch Canvas Gallery Wraps. These aren't mere wall hangings – they're portals to secret glades, whispering woodlands, and where moonlight dances on dew-kissed petals.

Embrace Renewal:

  • Art that blooms: Witness spring's vibrancy come alive on 100% artist-grade cotton canvas. Every delicate bud, every flutter of a butterfly's wings, is rendered with breathtaking detail, inviting you to breathe in the season's fresh air.
  • Built to endure: The durable 0.0135" thick, 400gsm fabric ensures your spring haven remains stunning season after season. Let the vibrant hues and enchanting details weather any storm, be it metaphorical or literal.
  • Shadows that dance: The closed MDF backing adds depth and a touch of gothic mystique, echoing the playful chiaroscuro of twilight walks or moonlit garden strolls.
  • Sizes to weave your spell: Choose from a variety of sizes to perfectly complement your space, whether it's a sun-drenched reading nook or a grand living room wall. Each canvas becomes a statement piece, reflecting your unique love for the season.

More than art, it's an invitation:

These canvas wraps aren't just decorations – they're invitations to embrace the transformative spirit of spring. Let them conjure the scent of wildflowers on the breeze, the murmur of bees around blossoming trees, and the echo of laughter under endless skies.

These are just glimpses of the captivating worlds waiting to unfold on your walls.

Ready to weave the magic of spring into your home? Order your Notoriously Morbid Canvas Gallery Wrap today and let the enchantment begin!

 6″ x 6″10″ x 10″
Width, in 6.00 10.00
Height, in 6.00 10.00
Depth, in 1.25 1.25

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