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Love Fool T-Bottom Pouches: Stash Your Secrets in Style

Don't let the mundane steal your shine! Ditch the boring ziplock bags and elevate your everyday essentials with the Love Fool T-Bottom Pouches. These aren't just your grandma's sewing project rejects; they're versatile vessels of darkness, ready to hold your makeup, pencils, or whatever chaotic treasures fuel your soul.

Think of them as: portable portals to your inner goth paradise. Available in a range of rebellious sizes, these pouches can swallow your deepest eyeliner woes or whisper secrets to your most prized pens. The sturdy T-bottom stands tall, refusing to cower under the weight of your emotional baggage (or actual makeup brushes).

Crafted from durable polyester with a smooth zipper closure, these pouches are built to last, like your love for true crime podcasts and black coffee. And for that extra touch of morbid magic, they're assembled in the USA from globally sourced parts, because even darkness has a touch of international flair.

Here's the dirt:

  • Multiple sizes: From "lipstick only" to "carry-on chaos," you've got a pouch for every pocket of your emotional rollercoaster.
  • T-bottom: Stands tall, even when filled with existential dread and sparkly lip gloss.
  • Durable polyester: Not afraid of tears (or spilled eyeshadow).
  • Smooth zipper closure: Keeps your secrets safe, until you decide to unleash them on the world.
  • Assembled in the USA from globally sourced parts: A dark little mystery, just like you.

Ready to organize your darkness with a dash of style? Grab your Love Fool T-Bottom Pouch and let the world know your chaos comes with a killer design.



Length, in 8.66 12.60
Width, in 2.36 3.15
Height, in 4.72 7.28

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