CSF Leak Awareness Sunsplash Tumbler with Straw, 16oz

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Living with a CSF leak means navigating challenges with grace and strength. This 16 oz Sunsplash Tumbler isn't just a vessel for your favorite beverage; it's a statement of resilience, a reminder that you fight like a warrior even on the days the world feels upside down.

Built to endure, just like you:

Crafted from durable,BPA-free acrylic, this tumbler laughs in the face of clumsiness (trust us, we've all been there). Unlike its fragile glass counterparts, it can handle the occasional bump or tumble without shattering your spirit (or your drink).

Stylish hydration, wherever you roam:

The sleek,color-matched lid and straw add a touch of sophistication to your everyday. Whether you're conquering doctor's appointments or rocking your fierce fashion at the park, this tumbler complements your unique style.

Sipping made easy, even with brain fog:

The included straw is no ordinary straw. It's crack-resistant and flexible, bending to your will (and won't leave you with a mouthful of plastic when you least expect it). Say goodbye to straw struggles, hello to stress-free hydration.

Remember, darling, self-care matters:

While this tumbler is dishwasher-safe for convenience, for optimal longevity, we recommend a gentle hand wash with love. After all, you deserve to be treated with care, just like your trusty hydration companion.

More than just a tumbler, it's a symbol:

This Sunsplash Tumbler is more than just a place to store your drink. It's a beacon of awareness, a conversation starter, and a reminder that you're not alone in this fight. Let it be a source of strength and a symbol of your unwavering spirit.

Grab your CSF Leak Awareness Sunsplash Tumbler today and sip your way through life's adventures, big and small. Remember, you've got this, warrior.


Height, in 5.91
Height (with straw), in 9.25
Lid diameter, in 3.94
Bottom diameter , in 2.56

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