What's Your Favorite Scary Movie? Car/Closet Diffuser

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Introducing The Polter-Guys Collection - a breathtaking line of handcrafted car diffusers inspired by famous killers from horror movies that will send shivers down your spine. Designed to capture the essence of each iconic character, this collection includes scents that encapsulate their personalities - from Jason Vorhees's aquatic nuances to Freddy's smoky and burnt scent, transforming your car into a horror movie experience. Every diffuser is carefully created with high-quality fragrance oils and natural materials to ensure not only an unforgettable aroma but also a long-lasting life. Set the mood for your Halloween road trip and bring in The Polter-Guy Collection to your car. Be ready to be spooked, scared, and utterly captivated by these eerie fragrances.

Scent notes: 
Blackberry, Musk, Black Pepper, Cedar, Spice


What's Your Favorite Scary Movie? -  a car diffuser inspired by  the iconic Ghostface from Scream. This fragrance combines a range of scents, perfectly capturing the essence of Ghostface's chilling presence.


Blackberry provides a sweet and fruity aroma that lures in its victims, much like how Ghostface catches his unsuspecting prey. The musk adds a mysterious and alluring quality, creating a sense of intrigue and suspense. Black pepper represents the sharp and unpredictable nature of the killer, which can strike without warning. Cedar brings a woodsy and earthy quality, evoking the setting of a dark and eerie forest. Lastly, spice adds a warming and comforting element, much like how Ghostface's victims may find solace before being caught.


The "What's Your Favorite Scary Movie?" car diffuser is perfect for horror enthusiasts who want to add an extra dimension of terror to their drives. The fragrance creates a suspenseful and eerie atmosphere, combining the scents of blackberry, musk, black pepper, cedar, and spice to capture the chilling presence of Ghostface from Scream. Let this fragrance accompany you on your drives, providing a terrifying reminder of the iconic horror that Ghostface represents.



These fragrances have been blended in house by the Notoriously Morbid team and arrives in an 8ml glass diffuser bottle.

Simply hang the diffuser in your chosen location after removing the small rubber stopper inside the bottle. Turn the bottle over and allow the scent to soak into the wooden cap as well as the string. Repeat as needed.
**Shape of diffuser bottle is random

Ingredients: Prunus armeniaca (Apricot) Kernel Oil, Proprietary Blend of Fragrance Oil

Additional Details

Perfume Oil:
The 3 AM Collection

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