Burnt Nightmares Car/Closet Diffuser

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Introducing The Polter-Guys Collection - a breathtaking line of handcrafted car diffusers inspired by famous killers from horror movies that will send shivers down your spine. Designed to capture the essence of each iconic character, this collection includes scents that encapsulate their personalities - from Jason Vorhees's aquatic nuances to Freddy's smoky and burnt scent, transforming your car into a horror movie experience. Every diffuser is carefully created with high-quality fragrance oils and natural materials to ensure not only an unforgettable aroma but also a long-lasting life. Set the mood for your Halloween road trip and bring in The Polter-Guy Collection to your car. Be ready to be spooked, scared, and utterly captivated by these eerie fragrances.

Scent notes: 
Smoke, Hickory, Amyris, Orange Rind, Pumpkin, Nutmeg


Burnt Nightmares a car diffuser inspired by the haunting presence of Freddy Krueger. This fragrance combines a unique blend of scents to encapsulate Freddy's dark and nightmarish world. The scent of Smoke and Hickory evokes the eerie atmosphere of the boiler room where Freddy lurks, creating an air of foreboding. Amyris adds a touch of woodiness and depth to the fragrance, symbolizing the twisted nature of Freddy's existence. The zesty notes of Orange Rind bring a burst of energy to the mix, representing the unexpected jolts and surprises in Freddy's nightmares. Pumpkin and Nutmeg contribute a hint of sweetness and spice, reminiscent of the unsettling and unsettlingly familiar aroma that lingers in the air during Freddy's visits.


With Burnt Nightmares, every drive becomes an immersive experience into Freddy Krueger's realm of fear. Embrace the dark and the macabre as you unleash the essence of burnt nightmares upon your car, creating an atmosphere that is delightfully haunting and truly unforgettable.



These fragrances have been blended in house by the Notoriously Morbid team and arrives in an 8ml glass diffuser bottle.

Simply hang the diffuser in your chosen location after removing the small rubber stopper inside the bottle. Turn the bottle over and allow the scent to soak into the wooden cap as well as the string. Repeat as needed.

**Shape of diffuser bottle is random

Ingredients: Prunus armeniaca (Apricot) Kernel Oil, Proprietary Blend of Fragrance Oil

Additional Details

Perfume Oil:
The 3 AM Collection

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