"Stone Cold" Eyeshadow Palette: Inspired by Medusa

"Stone Cold" Eyeshadow Palette: Inspired by Medusa

Published by Notoriously Morbid on 20th May 2024

In Greek mythology, Medusa was a beautiful maiden cursed by Athena, transforming her into a Gorgon with venomous snakes for hair and a gaze that could turn anyone to stone. Despite her tragic fate, the Medusa story symbolizes transformation, power, and resilience, making her the perfect muse for our latest creation. The Medusa legend and the myth of Medusa capture a sense of Medusa symbolism that includes Medusa's curse, Medusa's head, and Medusa's meaning, all reflected in Medusa art, Medusa images, Medusa statues, and Medusa history.

The "Stone Cold" Palette

Featuring a mesmerizing array of green tones, enchanting mauves, and glistening silvers, this palette is designed to help you create looks as captivating and timeless as the legend of Medusa.

Shades in the Palette:

  1. Revenant - A luminous light mauve multichrome that shifts pink-gold-green.
  2. Stone Cold Stare - A metallic silver shadow with lighter silver sparkles.
  3. Petrified - A green-red shifting duochrome.
  4. Frenzy - A satin rose mauve.
  5. Medusa's Kiss - A rusty red multichrome that shifts red-orange-gold.
  6. Serpentine - An oxblood-based duochrome that shifts green-blue.
  7. Vengeance - A deep smoky raisin satin with rainbow sparkles.
  8. Granite Goddess - A granite satin with gold-green shifting sparkles.
  9. Gorgon - A burnt umber brown with rose gold sparkles.

All shadows are vegan and lip safe. Note: This palette does not include a box sleeve.

Embrace your inner goddess and unleash the power of Medusa with these shades. Each shadow is crafted to help you express your creativity and individuality, drawing inspiration from one of mythology’s most fascinating figures. Explore the magic of "Stone Cold" and let your beauty shine with the strength and allure of Medusa.