Season Of The Witch: Winter Edition Pressed Palette

Season Of The Witch: Winter Edition Pressed Palette

Published by Notoriously Morbid on 21st Dec 2023

Embrace the enchanting chill of the season with the newest addition to your makeup collection - the "Season Of The Witch: Winter Edition Pressed Palette" from Notoriously Morbid. This luxurious 9-pan pressed palette is a celebration of winter's splendor, perfect for creating looks that will charm any gathering this frosty season.

As the frosty air nips at your cheeks, let your beauty routine flourish with vibrant hues and sparkling shimmers that mirror the magical winter landscape. Each of the nine shades in this palette is hand-crafted and pressed, ensuring that your look is as unique as a snowflake. While minor imperfections may occur, they only add to the unique charm of this collection.

Here's a glimpse into the wintry wonders that await you:

  1. Hibernal Solstice: A soft matte embrace of lavender and periwinkle, reminiscent of the serene winter sky at dusk.
  2. Sol Invictus: Command the room with this midtone matte raspberry, a bold hue that may leave a lasting impression just like the winter's stain on nature.
  3. Longest Night: As deep as the winter's night, this midtone matte cerulean will add a touch of mystery to your look.
  4. Saturnalia: Dive into the festivities with this frigid blue-based multichrome, dancing with shifts of blue, purple, pink, and gold - a true reflection of the season's glee.
  5. Glow of Life: A raspberry based multichrome mirroring the vibrant spirit of the holidays, with shifts from red to pink, gold to green, as dynamic as the Northern Lights.
  6. Yule: Celebrate the season with this saturated emerald green metallic, as rich as the evergreen boughs adorning festive halls.
  7. Introspect: Reflect on the year gone by with this bubblegum pink-based duochrome, shifting from thoughtful blue to hopeful pink.
  8. Renewal: Usher in new beginnings with this lavender purple-based multichrome, shifting from gold to green to blue, symbolizing the endless possibilities of the New Year.
  9. Shortest Day: Capture the fleeting daylight with this light teal-based duochrome, shifting from green to blue, like the early winter twilight.

Housed in a sleek matte black palette, these 26mm round shadows are poised to add a touch of winter's majesty to your makeup routine. Notoriously Morbid invites you to revel in the winter festivities with a palette that’s as versatile as it is striking. Whether you're cozying up by the fire or braving the cold for a night of celebration, let "Season Of The Witch: Winter Edition" be the touch of magic that completes your look.