Embrace Your Beautiful Darkness With Notoriously Morbid


Notoriously Morbid Offers 3 Monthly Subscriptions For You



The Doubling Charm

Multichrome Monthly

Mystic Monthly

Billing Date

   1st of Every Month  15th of Every Month  20th of Every Month


   4 to 5 Full Size Items Plus a Bonus Item  A Multicrome Eyeshadow Plus One Additional Item  Liquid Lipstick Plus One Additional Item


    ( Included )   ( Included )   ( Included )



$25.00 (US)

$35.00 (International)

$15.50 (US)

22.50 (International)

$12.00 (US)

$18.00 (International)


 The Doubling Charm

A Pop Culture themed beauty box, because even dark hearts like to have fun too! Once subscribed, you will receive 5 full size products ranging from eyeshadow, blush, lipstick, the occasional solid perfume etc. until you cancel. Our subscription is themed from movies, books, and plays. Also, you will recieve one extra product ranging from another full size NM product, jewelry, brushes etc




The Multichrome Monthly

A new multichrome each month! You receive one full size multichrome varying from semi loose, loose powder, shifting multichrome sparkles AND one other full size companion product.



The Mystic Monthly

This subscription will include:a full size exclusive Mystic Matte and another full size lip product. Some month's the additional lip product will be themed along with the Mystic Matte and some months it may be a product/flavor we already carry in store.


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