Labradorite Towers

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 Each tower is unique; size, shape, color, and pattern will vary ( Sold Individually )



Labradorite is a beautiful stone of many colors. It helps to release bottled up anger one may carry around and helps to provide a beautiful layer of protection. Labradorite is a stone of transformation and helps the soul prepare for ascension. Labradorite is a perfect stone to deflect unwanted negative energy and also helps banish any fears that you have. Labradorite is a cleansing stone to the aura and helps to remove unwanted energy that is pinned inside the auric fields. Labradorite will encourage change and help one become balanced. Labradorite is a gentle vibrating stone that helps to enhance psychic vision and help open the inner doors. Labradorite is beneficial in use for meditations especially if remote viewing or astral flight is wanted. Labradorite is also an enhancing energy stone if used in magick.




  • Helps to remove warts by placing on the wart and taping and leaving in place
  • Helps ensure patience
  • Beneficial for eyes
  • Helps the brain function
  • Regulates metabolism
  • Helps with common colds
  • Helps relieve gout pain
  • Reduces stress
  • Helps with blood pressure
  • Helps with the Thymus Gland
  • Stabilizes digestive system
  • Reduces menstrual tensions
  • Wonderful stone for assisting with joint pain  



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