Fragrance Library

Listed below you can find a comprehensive list of all the fragrances we currently carry in our permanent line up of lotions and splashes! All fragrances are a propriety blend.

Anatomy of Melancholy an exotic mix of fruits (lemon, orange, raspberry, strawberries, peaches, cherry) with a middle note of orange blossom and a sensual mix of vanilla and marshmallow.

Bewitch The Mind, Ensnare The Senses bewitches you with a top note of pink berries, sugar cane, tonka beans, middle notes of pomegranate, strawberries, and apple blossoms and then gets dark and mysterious with a bottom notes of earthen moss, lily of the valley, sweet citrus, and a small dash of patchouli.

Bonjour Witches peace out with this magically seductive mix of mulled cider spices, delicious red apples, golden peach nectar, and swirled together with a concoction of sweet pumpkin. A blissful blend of spices and sweet rolling around in everything Autumn.

Cauldron Bubbles - a fragrance that brings back all of those good memories standing over your cauldron. A mix of blissfully whipped cream, a hint of butterscotch, and ending with cedar, sandalwood, and amber. This scent is for those sweet smokey lovers.

Creepin' It Real - imagine yourself in the middle of sunny corn field eating loads of candy corn topped pumpkin cupcakes. Apricot, rose, and oak wood turn this pumpkin and vanilla fragrance heaven into something you've never experienced before. Perfect for those who love sweet smells!

Daughter Of Air a sensual unique mix of elderflowers, peonies, magnolias and citrus sitting on top of a base note of oud and bourbon.

I'm Just Slayin' sharpens your stake and gets you in the mood to patrol. This fragrance starts off with notes of pure sunshine with citrus, blood oranges, black raspberries, and finally leaves you in delicious heaven with orange citrus and vanilla.

Lose Control - an intoxicating fragrance with notes of cinnamon, sangria, and caramel.

Magic Draught - An aquamarine shimmering body lotion with notes of soft jasmine petals, sweet gardenia, and pink orchid, sweet raspberry, sweet pineapple, acai berry, mango zest, tart passion fruit and nuances of white moss, creamy amber, and vetiver.fragrance. Creating a wonderful tropical lagoon scentsation.

Red Oil - submerse your senses with red velvet cake, buttercream, and berries.

Trouble Multiplied - starts off as an ozone fresh scent, then has notes of mandarin spice, clementine, bergamot, and sugar.

What The Hex puts a spell on you with devilish buttery caramel, notes of cinnamon, clove, cedar, a citrus blend of orange, lime, and lemon, and ends with an woodsy note.

Witch Please - a truly unique and complex frangrance of sweet tobacco smoke, dry leaves, oakmoss, sweet molasses, and ginger.



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