Mystic Monthly

Our Mystic Monthly Subscription service will open Jan 20th -21st 2018. Sign up link is at the bottom!

The Mystic Monthly is a lipstick subscription with a yearly theme. The 2018 theme is "The Dragon's Tail" and was co-created by Jolie K. (you can find her blog here: Each month will be inspired by a dragon and includes an information card regarding that months inspiration.

The subscription will include:
a full size exclusive Mystic Matte
one other full size lip product

Open enrollment is now closed!

Some month's the additional lip product will be themed along with the Mystic Matte and some months it may be a product/flavor we already carry in store.

Subscriptions open on the 20th of each month and end on the 21st. The Mystic Monthly will ship 5 business days after payment, starting the day after it bills.

Cost of the sub is as follows:

Domestic (US): $10 (includes shipping)

International: $16.00 (includes shipping)

This is a separate subscription service out side of the Vanishing Cabinet and can not be combined with the Vanishing Cabinet or any web site order.